Lynnda Proulx, Artist

Biographical note

Born in the region of Bas Saint-Laurent, Québec Lynnda lives as a Franco-Ontarian since 2000. Her artistic path from 1992 to now is like a window of fresh air in her daily routine where she can breathe freely and oxygenate her brain along with all the work she does as Professor and Scholar at College La Cité.

Lynnda is an autodidact artist and learns using and testing different techniques and mediums. On demand, her studio at home is open to public.

Artistic approach

« Since 2013, i have created a breach in my daily life, an opening toward a new dimension in order to free the thoughts, good or evil. As it is tracing its road inside me, the adventure of creating with oil paint and the magic of the knives acted as a revelation. I did not know I could express myself with these mediums until one day as an emergency to express a feeling, I took a small painting to let free a piece of my life. Then as I needed to say more, I painted a second one using the same tools expressing the flow inside me. I rather work the texture, forms, in the asbtract way and exploring other mixte mediums using knives and rarely pincels. I let my body, my hands travel on the surface on its own rhythm, I start a painting without a precise idea. Inspired at first by my own emotions, colors and shapes create their own way along the gesture. I am part of the contemporary abstract expressionist movement. »

(2016-2021) Various Abstract painting courses at Ottawa School of Arts
(2014-2015) Courses supervised by David Jones, Canadian art painter
(2001 à 2004) Sculpture courses with Dawn Dale, Potery, Pastel drawings Ottawa School of Arts et ville de Hull
(1998) Batik Zimbabwe Technic (autodidacte)
(1993-1994) Theater courses théoritical and play UQAR with Dramaturge Miguel Rétamal and Professor Louis Hébert
(1991-sept./déc.)  Puppetteering training in Grenoble, France with André Peter (dir.), Théâtre La Rose

Performance 24 h/24 arts (Café-Galerie l’Embuscade, Trois-Rivières, 1987-1989), (Rimouski,1996), Pechakucha, Bravo Art at Alpha Gallery, Ottawa (October, 2018), White Water Gallery, North Bay with Bravo Arts (may, 2018).

Solo Exhibition Bluebird Café, Ottawa (2015), Art Galery of UQAR, Rimouski (1996), Bistro l’Anse-aux-coques Sainte-Luce sur mer (1996)/

Group Exhibition CAVMA – Art Gallery of Ottawa, Confluences, (2021), Confluence book by Bravo, (2021), Galerie petite g’art, Gatienau, (2021), Centre Inno@cité of Collège La Cité, Ottawa (2014), WildLife Society, Zomba, Malawi (1999), Regional Museum Bas Saint-Laurent, Rimouski (1997),

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