The Thesis process

May 13th-2015
I am in the process of writting a thesis. It is taking a lots of my brain if not lots of my time. I always think about it. I have been thinking about it for the last 6 years. Many people around me have discorage in different ways me to pursuit my goal but i am still in it. Thus, my closest PhD collegues living the same experience as I, have been there for me when i needed to talk and are still there anytime i need them. It has been a long distance run, if i can put it in this way. Many time i have thought of surrending. But then i was asking myself why and what i would do instead with my time. My answers were always the same: my topic still stimulates me and i am not the type of person to give up almost at the end of a run. I will make it to final ceremony and receive the toge, the honnors, the applause and the papers. To be true, the participants who have been helping me with there sharing of stories and generous with their time are a big part of the reason as well why i am not giving up. Their story deserves to be told.

So far i have done the first three chapters and i am into reviewing them for the end of May in order to summit it for the last time to my supervisor before it reaches the Thesis Committee made of Professors and Specialits of some part of my topic. Some of you, Dear Readers, may ask why am I not into it just now instead of working on my blog? Well, this is part of my process. When writting so many pages on a topic you like, sometimes ones need to take distance from it in order to have a better view of the picture. In my case, i do many things to distract me from my thesis, so it may look. In fact. this is what i need to process all the informations i have read and it helps putting my ideas all together or even sometimes resting my thoughs about it. Of course, beside being a PhD thesis writer, i am also a professional working as a French language (Mother tongue) Professor which takes most of my time and allows me to earn my living. I have written other blog texts for my bilingual Students Association Newsletter some years ago about the experience of being a PhD student. Some have been published here and I will post more of them here again in the coming weeks. This is all about sharing my experience all together and to remind to any of you that entering into a project is important, but finishing it is even more important to reach the sense of accomplishment.

Feel free to comment and share your experience on the personal projects you are currently working on.




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  1. Allo ma chère Lynnda! Il faut continuer si tu aimes ton sujet, si c’est ton rêve. Il ne faut pas se laisser décourager ! Je te donne un exemple de succès : J’ai une amie que, après un long doctorat, a enfin reçu le prix de son effort et de sa persistance: juste après le dépôt de sa thèse, un contrat permanent dans une université. C’était une histoire de « perfect timing ». Si jamais elle avait finit 2 ans avant, elle n’aurait pas probablement l’expérience d’enseignement requise pour cette poste, l’expérience qu’elle a acquise avec des contrats de prof temps partiel pour être capable de payer ses frais. C’est a dire : parfois ce « retard » est le temps nécessaire pour réussir quelque chose de mieux ! 🙂 Moi, tu sais, je suis dans la même situation et j’irai jusqu’au bout… courage, ma belle ! Bisous ! Saudade !

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