Cellost Challenge

Have you ever wonder if you could live without you cellular phone?

I am watching this video, cartoon made by Steeve Cutts, and can’t stop feeling the sadness as I realise the truth coming from this artist point of view.
People are lost into their cellular.

I am a celless person, i have thrown the technology away once i discovered how much stress it was bringing into my life. Always having to watch who has written to me, who is trying to contact me, who insults me, not to say who is stalking me, etc.
Of course, i kept tellling me that i don’t have to watch right away as soon as their is a notification appearing in the telephone. But tell me who is able to not check it out as soon as it comes in?


Do you think you can dare to live without you cellphone? Can you put it away for an hour? 
I challenge you to try to learn this new Habbit of leaving you cellular away everyday.
Start with half an hour away fron you cellphone and add and other half hour every 
next day until you can reach  half a day forevery day of a week without touching 
the beast.