Little White Girl

or Is my White Colored Skin a cultural appropriation ?

Part 1

Nowadays we’re having these debates on Cultural appropriation, talking about borrowing from a culture other then ours without asking permission. Questionning also about creating or wearing wigs looking like Caucasian or African hair styles. Fighting about wearing clothes or confectioning them using values and customs from people that usually wears it on their day to day life.  In fact, it’s about a ruling culture stealing from minority cultures their stories, their songs, their dance, their knowledge, their souls to transform them as the prevaling one, for the dominant one, into some other show or wealth that will be seen differently by the public because of their super power. Then if my culture, my wisdom is stolen, what is left?

What is apropriate, what is not? What is culture, what is not? What is freedom?
These are the questions.

What i am about to talk all happened before 1990, some 30 years ago.

IMG_2500I am born white colored skin in a small village in Quebec, Canada. Almost Everyone there are that same white skin beside some First Nation families from second of more generations. After all, this village, created in 1881, is part of the Malecites land and Nation that spread its paths from The Saint-Lawrence River up to New-Brunswick, Fundy Bay, Atlantic.

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