Your votes on Fashion Industry and Pollution

Fashion industry is part of the pollution on Earth.

What are you ready to do to be part of the solution?

A) Recycle my clothing by knowing where it ends up

B) Stop buying clothes according to fashion

c) Buy only recycled clothes at second hand clothing stores

D) Nothing, not my business
E) A+B+C
F) Other (Write on comments what you choose to do)


Documentaire SEI Malawi 2004- Documentary ISS in Malawi 2004

Célébration des 10 ans du Séminaire étudiant international Malawi de L’EUMC-CECI

10 Years Celebration of the WUSC-CECI International Students Seminar in Malawi

Experience of peered Canadien and Malawian Students for a six weeks Seminar on International Developpment Issues linked with Agriculture and HIV-Aids in Malawi