Keeping French « Bien vivant » in canada

Keeping French « Bien vivant » in canada

Lynnda is a “migrant” from a tiny village, St. Clément, near Rivière du Loup in Quebec who I became friends with in the mid-90s. What her story to try to keep french alived in Ottawa and Ontario. (From Elizabeth Smith, Journalist and Communicator specialist in International Development)


Documentaire SEI Malawi 2004- Documentary ISS in Malawi 2004

Célébration des 10 ans du Séminaire étudiant international Malawi de L’EUMC-CECI

10 Years Celebration of the WUSC-CECI International Students Seminar in Malawi

Experience of peered Canadien and Malawian Students for a six weeks Seminar on International Developpment Issues linked with Agriculture and HIV-Aids in Malawi